Family Love Series

The Nelson Family

- Andreas, Karin, Lova & Viggo -

Nacka │ Stockholm

 There are so many wonderful reasons that this family is härlig (beautiful, great, sweet).  I am thankful that we got to know this close-knit and easy-going family through the preschool our children attend. They are exactly the kind of family that I want my kids to be friends with. They know and understand the values of family and community by always being warm, thoughtful, gracious, and helpful. Without a doubt, they are raising strong, confident, and courteous little kids.

 Photographing them was fun and easy. The expressions on the kids’ faces are adorable and priceless. In many ways, I feel that these kids are straight out of a Astrid Lindgren story.  The images definitely reflect who they are as a family – loving, sweet and playful.  Thank you, Andreas, Karin, Lova and Viggo!