Family Love Series

The Catts Family

-James, Caitlin, James, Alfred-
John Rutledge House Inn │ Charleston, South Carolina

Last September, I traveled alone to Charleston, South Carolina for my cousin's wedding. Being away from my kids for ten days was more difficult than I thought. Thankfully, I was happily surrounded by my big loving family to make the time away from them easier. Even one of my dearest friends that lives in San Diego came to Charleston that same weekend for a different wedding with the same hotel accommodations. It was hard not to have a good time with all these wonderful people in this fun, happening city. I instantly fell in love with Charleston. This beautiful, old city has a true Southern hospitality with delicious food, decorative architecture and a deep, rich history. 

While we were visiting, my cousin Caitlin asked me if I could take some photos of her beautiful family in her old stomping grounds. Caitlin spent many years in Charleston, where she studied her undergraduate degree, fell in love, married her husband James and had their first baby. After living down South for many years, they moved back to her hometown in Virginia. They now have two adorable little boys, James and Alfred. 

Since Caitlin's brother was getting married,  we were on a tight schedule to squeeze in a photo session around the wedding events. The day after the beautiful wedding, we finally had a small window of opportunity to get some family pictures before dinner reservations. They had just checked into the John Rutledge House Inn, where they were staying with her in-laws that were visiting from St. Simons Island, SC. This historic hotel added a wonderful Southern charm and a cozy, but elegant ambience to the images. 

Despite the limited time for photographs and the setting sun, this laid-back family created so many special, real moments that made it easy for me to capture them. These are exactly the kind of precious and memorable moments that I hope to preserve for families, such as a Mom lovingly feeding her baby, the whirlwind of getting the kids ready, and the joy of cuddling and giggling on the bed.

This loving family is relaxed, easy going and happy. These young brothers already have a strong bond and a loving connection that will only continue to get stronger.  There was a lot of laughter, jokes, silliness, snuggles and blowing raspberries on bellies! The entire session was fun and relaxed. After dinner, the entire family went to a rooftop bar to watch the rare Super Blood Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse. It was a perfect ending to a magical day.

Thank you, Catts Family! I enjoyed every minute of this special, unique time with you.