Introducing Shadow Stories

 Welcome to Shadow Stories:

a collection of shadows and silhouettes

I have always been fascinated with shadows and silhouettes. As the light changes throughout the year, shadows also change form.  In photography, I have learned that in order to see the light, you need to look for the shadows.  This is important living in Sweden, where a good part of the year is in the dark.  My first few years living here in these dark, cold winter months were tough and depressing. I have changed my attitude and approach to the darkness.  I have learned to appreciate the beauty of the winter months. As the sun sits low on the horizon, the winter light is golden nearly all day. This beautiful light casts long shadows on the ground and defines the landscape with more detail and contrast. 

Over the past several years, I have been documenting my children’s shadows, as if they almost come to life to tell a playful childhood story.  I imagine that these shadows are involved in their games and activities, just like Peter Pan’s living shadow. I hope that I can preserve these childhood moments by capturing a world of play, imagination and never-ending childhood.  I want my children to learn that in order to appreciate the light, they need to understand the darkness. If the look carefully for the shadows, they can always find the light. I can only hope that one day these pictures will remind them of the memories of their own adventurous and carefree childhood. Furthermore, I wish that these memories bring warmth, comfort and a reminder that “in the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.” (-Aaron Rose)

I hope you follow along this new series of shadows and silhouettes that honors and cherishes the magical, never-ending childhood.