Everything in it’s own time is sweet (wild and full of wonder)

Sweet Wild Wonder captures everyday visual moments  in playful, creative and storytelling sessions with a passion for family, florals, gardening and sustainable living. I have a curious interest for detail and enjoy the connection of the beautiful chaos of everyday moments, traditions, cultures, community, values and even unique individual personalities.

Through my collection of thoughtful, simple, positive and creative images, I hope to reflect and communicate my personal vision that comes from my heart, my experiences and background.  I believe our lives are beautifully composed of love, joy, sorrow, vulnerability, bravery, fear, courage, dreams, laughter, wit and so much more.

I believe it is important that my work always goes from my values, interests and passions by combining family, sustainability, nature, gatherings, compassion, kindness and connection to the world. Therefore I believe it is important to build a meaningful company that makes a difference, even in the simplest way.