Meet Katie

My family on a typical Sunday morning

Hello and Hej!

First and foremost, I am a Mom of three amazing kids and a wife of a wonderful husband. I grew up in a big, wild, and loving family in a small town outside of Scranton, PA. I fell in love with my Swedish husband while we were both studying abroad in Perth, Australia. We are currently living and raising our family in Stockholm, Sweden with frequent, long trips back to the United States. 

I understand the importance of capturing moments- big, small, and everything in between.  My love interest for photography has intensified since having kids. I find the importance in documenting the realness of family life-  love, laughter, smiles, cries, fights and forgiveness. 

My heart skips a beat when I think about how fast my children are growing. I wish that I can slow down time. The only way I know how to freeze time is by taking photographs.  These photographs of our everyday life allows me to remember my children's different stages and developments and to reminisce about this precious, invaluable, fleeting time with my family. My art of photography is driven by an old family saying, "Everything in its own time is sweet."


I believe:

  • children's voices and integrity need to be respected and empowered
  • in laughing daily
  • in finding beauty in every moment - bitter and sweet
  • in drinking warm cups of coffee 
  • being outdoors calms the soul and gives inspiration
  • we need gentle reminders to slow down and be in the moment
  • cozy Fridays with my family are a perfect ending to a long week
  • in the importance of communicating and being honest
  • in the quiet moments that are rippled in between the loud, thunderous tides
  • we are all unique, beautiful, strong, brave and wild and we should embrace our differences!

Thank you!